100% Renewable Energy Bitcoin Mining

BTC Mining in the USA

Antares is on a mission to be a driving force in Bitcoin mining through rapidly expanding large-scale operations in North America. Our focus is on clean power acquisition, electrical infrastructure innovation, and staying ahead of the mining hardware technology curve.

Our goal is to efficiently scale our operations to deliver long-term value for our shareholders, customers, and employees. We aim to lead the industry in terms of hash rate growth and efficiency while maintaining low operating costs.

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Pioneering The Digital Ecosystem

The Antares team understands and is ready to navigate the roadmap to mining success. With over a decade of experience in BTC mining, power management, and infrastructure engineering, we are focused on accelerating the growing American share of the the global mining hashrate.

Clean Hydro-Power

Our computing centers are powered with clean, eco-friendly hydro-power that is very competitvely priced. Utilizing one of the oldest and largest sources of renewable energy is core to our commitment to “keep mining clean”.

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At Our Core

Antares is committed to the health and growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Our commitment is toward supporting the network by expanding proof-of work mining throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Staying ahead of the technology curve is vital and core to the Antares business plan.


We engineer state of the art, hydro-cooled, mobile data centers mitigating heat and dust issues.


Our team has a combined 15 years in blockchain computing, project management, and engineering.

Growth Oriented

Antares is an aggresive, growth oriented company intent on advancing decentralized systems through mining.


The world is on the precipice of the next industrial revolution and Antares is positioned to seize the opportunity at the intersection of blockchain and defi.


Antares has the ability to deploy capital quickly with a growth pipeling in place to ensure projects are operational in months, not years.

Invest. Grow. Prosper.